Join us at ISFLC!

By LOLA Admin, on Dec 4, 2015

Every year we sponsor at table at the International Students for Liberty Conference. Prices will go up soon, so please register now so you can join us there.

Why Women Aren't Running for Office

By Emina, on Apr 27, 2015

According to an article from Forbes from two years ago, entitled Why Are Young Women Running Away From Politics Instead of Running For Office?, author J. Maureen Henderson evaluates some of the potential roots and causes of this phenomenon.

Henderson explains that despite the number of women in the senate being at an all-time high, women still tend to shy away from running for office.

Why Every Woman Should Join LOLA

By Emina, on Apr 13, 2015

There are so many amazing organizations for women to network and gain access to greater opportunities. We are very happy ab0ut that.

However, we like to think we are unique in several ways we've outlined. If you've been on the fence about joining or getting more involved in your local community, these main points, we hope, will inspire you to take the next step and join us:

1. Events Exclusively For Women

A Reflection On Women's History Month

By Emina, on Apr 6, 2015

March is regularly celebrated as Women's History Month, and in honor of that previous month, it's important to take note of our unique accomplishments and struggles.

Did you know women invented the following?

- Kevlar

- The Fire Escape

-The Life Raft

- The Medical Syringe

- The Computer Algorithm

- The Engine Muffler

- The Windshield Wiper

- Signal Flares

LOLA Is Coming to Texas

By Emina, on Mar 29, 2015

LOLA Social

Are things bigger and better in Texas? That's what we have heard, and that's also why we will be spending some time there in April. Are you excited? You should be, ladies, because we are hosting multiple events just for you! Curious? Keep reading.