LOLA Is Coming to Texas

By Emina, on Mar 29, 2015

LOLA Social

Are things bigger and better in Texas? That's what we have heard, and that's also why we will be spending some time there in April. Are you excited? You should be, ladies, because we are hosting multiple events just for you! Curious? Keep reading.

National School Choice Week and Education

By Emina, on Jan 28, 2015

There is one thing that every political group, regardless of individual differences, can agree upon: education is of vital importance to the well-being of our society and our economy. Education provides individuals with the ability to improve their standard of living, become more enlightened, and better understand the world around them. This week is National School Choice Week, and with that comes the responsibility of discussing what school choice is, what it was, and what it is becoming.

LOLA Internship Opportunity!

By Elissa, on Dec 8, 2014

The Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA) is a non-profit organization that trains female leaders within the liberty movement. Our ultimate goal is to increase the number of women who understand and identify with the philosophy of liberty.

The intern position is open to any man or woman who shares LOLA's goal to increase the number of women in the liberty movement.

Giving Tuesday

By Nena, on Dec 2, 2014

This year is the third annual Giving Tuesday, created to rally “charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world … to celebrate generosity and to give.”