Highlights from our Grassroots Lobbying and Activism Training Session

By Anonymous, on Jul 31, 2013

Lobbying gets a bad reputation nowadays. Most Americans would associate the word “lobbying” with companies, special-interest groups, or even individuals pressuring politicians into earmarking bills or supporting or opposing crucial legislation. Although lobbying has such a bad connotation, is there any good that can come out of doing it? Of course – when you lobby for liberty!

Is there a place for liberty in the New Media Generation?

By Anonymous, on Jul 26, 2013

Of course there is!

The ideals of the liberty movement complement the purpose of New Media - to have a free-flowing, unrestricted sharing of thoughts and ideas. Now more than ever advocates for liberty must use new media sites like Twitter and Facebook to spread their message. 

LRC Article Demonstrates Why the Liberty Movement Has a Women Problem

By Anonymous, on Jul 25, 2013

[Reprinted by permission from the Hipster Libertarian blog.-AK]

Paul, Cruz Show Backbone on Military Rape Issue

By Kelley B. Vlahos, on Jul 24, 2013

WASHINGTON – There is nothing wrong with giving credit where it is due.

Noelle Mandell, Lady of Liberty of the Month

By Nena, on Jul 19, 2013

Since Noelle Mandell has become involved in the liberty movement, she has been arock star.