"It is not peaceful. It is not an exchange. And it is anything but consensual. "

By Angela Keaton, on Mar 1, 2013

In Violating Our Principles, poet Sarah Skwire examines whether it is time libertarian discuss rape with the same vigor and passion we bring to debates about taxation, the TSA, and government regulation.

Boots on Campus: Yale Flap Highlights Militarization of Academia

By Kelley B. Vlahos, on Feb 26, 2013


Have American university campuses become so inured to the militarization of policy, culture – our thought – that they can’t see the Trojan horse sitting in the quad, its occupants pouring out and passing out sweets and credits to all the Ivy Leaguers passing by with goggled eyes and open arms?

Rachel Mills on Prison Labor, The State’s Slave Plantations

By Angela Keaton, on Feb 25, 2013

In North Carolina, Correction Enterprises operates a massive laundry operation using inmate labor.  They process over 34 million pounds of laundry annually – and this is direct from their own website, linked in my blog entry on this.  Their clients are themselves, which you might expect, but also hospitals, and other state agencies.  34 million pounds.  7 laundry facilities are located across the stat

The Dehumanization of Law Enforcement and Military

By Angela Keaton, on Feb 21, 2013

In Full Frontal Liberty - 2, Rachel Mills examines Law Enforcement Targets, Inc and their controversial "No More Hesitation" series of cardboard targets features pregnant women, children and the eld