Big government is dangerous

By Sarah, on Apr 11, 2014

Last year, Elizabeth Daly and her friends were out buying cans of sparkling water when plainclothes state alcohol agents became suspicious. They believed the women had purchased alcohol underage. Without slowing to confirm their suspicions, the officers followed the women to their car.

Why the Paycheck Fairness Act hurts women

By Sarah, on Apr 9, 2014

To capitalize on Equal Pay Day, taking place yesterday, April 8, Senate Democrats reintroduced the Paycheck Fairness Act for the third time. The guise is that the Act would end discrimination and narrow the average pay gap. Though the Republicans blocked the vote to reopen debate on the bill, some of us are starting to wonder if the Paycheck Fairness Act will ever die.

Get Your Opinion Out There!

By Sarah, on Mar 27, 2014

Got something on your mind? Do you see glaring issues with a policy recently passed? Op-eds are a great way to reach mass amounts of people, and if you can write persuasively enough, you may just change their minds.

We’ve recently compiled some notes from a training event held at the Cato Institute with Nita Ghei, formerly in charge of placing articles by Cato scholars. Below are some tips from that session on getting published:

The Future of Women, Power, and Conservatism

By Sarah, on Mar 19, 2014

Take notice: the number of women in top corporate positions is rising, and several states currently hold their first female governor in office. Women’s issues consistently help shape elections, and much chatter surrounds the topic of the first female President. Women have never had as much of a voice as they do today.

Fortune 500 will be sponsoring an event later this month to examine this growing influence of women in the political sphere.

Top 3 Reasons to Apply for LOLA’s One-Day Media Training

By Sarah, on Mar 18, 2014

1. Alumni go on to do great things

Ever heard of Katie Kieffer? This LOLA recently wrote a book entitled Let Me Be Clear, and spoke at CPAC this year before signing preview copies of her new book. She’s presented at many conferences and appeared on national television programs. What you might not know is that Katie is an alum of our One-Day Media Training! Our event will give you the tools you need to be a successful presence in the media, just like Katie.