Rest in Peace, Lady of Liberty Barbara Branden

By Nena, on Dec 12, 2013

The liberty movement has lost a great lady of liberty. Barbara Branden was an important figure in the modern libertarian movement.

Just over 2 weeks left of Fundraising Challenge!

By Nena, on Dec 11, 2013

You still have time to win the grand prize of a one-week stay in a luxury lodge in Breckenridge, Colorado! 


Ask your friends who you'll be inviting to join you to pitch in and help you win!


More information here.

Slinging Stones at the Drone Goliath

By Kelley B. Vlahos, on Nov 21, 2013

Looking around at the standing room only crowd at the Global Drone Summit on Saturday, one wondered if all of these people knew exactly what they’re up against.

Why buy Silver, with LOLA Board Member Rachel Mills

By Nena, on Nov 16, 2013

LOLA Board Member Rachel Mills interviews Jim Rogers about the Federal Reserve and quantitative easing. He also talks about how you can hedge against the coming economic collapse:

The need to define boundaries in the workplace

By Nena, on Nov 9, 2013

Our recent training event about networking led to a discussion about how networking with members of the opposite sex. Of course, no one teaches this in school, but professional women working as activists in the liberty movement need to know! 

That's why we've organized a panel discussion to discuss how to define boundaries in your professional life. For details, please view the event on Facebook here.