Blog Posts - December 2010

Have You Been Keeping an Eye on QE2's Performance

By Anonymous, on Dec 30, 2010

...Silver Circle has!

So the holidays have put a damper on the information channels of the Federal Reserve. Instead of the news being densely populated with stories of the economic stylings of the central bank, we've been hearing stories about Christmas shopping and snow storms. Enough of that, let's get back to the crooked system so we can learn more about it in order to change it!

Julian Assange defends the 1st Amendment

By Nena, on Dec 23, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden called Julian Assange of Wikileaks a high-tech terrorist.  Mr. Assange responds to these accusations during an interview with MSNBC.  


Nevermind campaign promises, the U.S. Constitution has the answer

By Nena, on Dec 22, 2010

President Obama has been promising to close the American military prison at Guantanamo Bay for over two years. Even as his administration continues to pay lip service to this notion, they are currently preparing an "indefinite detention order for Guantanamo detainees."

The System of Injustice

By Anonymous, on Dec 21, 2010

It came to my attention tonight, that a friend of mine was raped Friday night. She had walked to a Walgreens to buy minutes for her phone. It was in Chicago. Less than 10 degrees outside, it was a six block walk. She made it there fine. As she was leaving there was a cabbie was in the street, as usual on her way home. This cab driver asked my friend if she wanted to use his service. She informed him she was out of money and would just walk. This driver in his mid 20s-30 was decent looking, kind and said he was headed that way anyway, it was cold and offered her a ride.

Post at Lew Rockwell

By Anonymous, on Dec 20, 2010

Our very own Board of Directors Member Angela Keaton posted over at Lew Rockwell.

Check it out here

"People like us Mommy, Like us Captains"

By Anonymous, on Dec 16, 2010

"People like us mommy, us Captains"?



The title of this little piece, was a response from my three year old during a conversation about why Mommy is working at the computer, whilst he is suppose to be in bed. :)


I let him climb on my lap and we rocked and talked while listening to some beautiful Asian Serenity.


He said "why do you write things?" (Isnt it strange the most simple questions, bring up the most complex thoughts?) I told him I write to tell people about other peoples stories.


Mainstream Feminism to Bill O'Reilly................SAY WHAT?????

By Anonymous, on Dec 11, 2010

To the mainstream feminists that would deride me for CHOOSING to stay home with my young children,


I say this  you people are silly. and people that are silly and mainstream should just be ignored. a half-truth is a lie. you only think about what you fill yourself with. ignore the silly doubles speak, and stand for whats true.

A Thought on Public Service Announcements

By Nena, on Dec 11, 2010

There is an inordinate amount of public service announcements along the freeway in Brazil.  The government wants to remind everyone to put on their seat belts, not to speed, to drive with insurance, and not to pass on the right.  

The moon

By Anonymous, on Dec 4, 2010

[Source: Allison Gibbs]

I lay on my roof tonight
counting stars
and wishing on those that fail to shoot in the sky

Why have I never seen a shooting star?
Are my wishes being overlooked?
Am I not meant to wish on falling stars?

I don't think I would wish on a falling star
reminds me of that puff the magic dragon episode.
little johnny paper
here it is: (starting at 2:45)

I don't want to wish fortune on somethings misfortune

But I digress

that moon
its awkward smile caresses my soul

I feel its breath
and it knows me well
for I come out here often as of late.
absorbing its energy
and understanding that this crisp night will produce all the love and good i will need
I will ever need

but is that enough?
are we enough for ourselves?

I am not so sure on either point.
this will take some thinking
but I know my heart yearns to share this night with someone

someone that can appreciate it
and the way in which I see life, the night, and existence