Blog Posts - November 2011

“Maintaining Stability”

By Angela Keaton, on Nov 29, 2011

Kelley B. Vlahos pleads "Don't Be a Tool This Christmas."

No one seems to notice the perverse contradiction of being told on Nov. 24 that we are a nation of exhausted refugees from the financial collapse — maxed out and hunkered down — and then two days later, congratulated for being a nation of savvy shoppers, with relentless holiday-themed music and Santa’s elves as our coaches and avatars.

LOLA Public Speaking Training Event January 21

By Nena, on Nov 20, 2011

The Ladies of Liberty Alliance is organizing a public speaking training event, to be hosted and sponsored by the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia on January 21.  I have attended this public speaking training put on by LI and it was amazing.  This will be an excellent opportunity for beginners or seasoned vets looking to improve and sharpen their public speaking skills.  Stay tuned for details!

Fr33 Aid's Stephanie Murphy explores Ethics, Psychology and Military Recruitment

By Angela Keaton, on Nov 15, 2011

Stephanie Murphy, a MD/PhD student activist living in the Free State, is the host of Liberty Radio Network's Porc Therapy.