Extra Tips on "How to Get More Women Involved"

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By LOLA Admin, on Apr 16, 2012

Our much anticipated guide on "How to Get More Women Involved" is finally out!

These are notes that we appreciate and find very useful, but unsure how to include them in this guide so we thought 1) We would share them with you all so that 2) LOLA could promote them in every way possible with your help:

Types of events that women would love to see more of:

1) Women as mentors.

2) Popularizing women who have historically made contributions to the advancement of liberty. Women like Abigail Adams, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Rose Wilder Lane, Rose Friedman and Jane Jacobs could be highlighted as easily as Ayn Rand, and perhaps to better effect (of course, there are others that you all may be familiar with as well!).

3) Additionally, here are some examples of event opportunities that were suggested could attract more women, for everyone planning events to support libertarian ideals.

      Fundraising to bring in nonlocal speakers on women’s topics.

      Fundraising for private women’s charities that help women’s shelters, poor women, and female educational opportunities in other countries.

      Fundraising and/or management of microfinancing projects to help women get a business started. 

      Protests and demonstrations on women’s issues from libertarian perspective.

      Workshops on how to do other things like blog writing and fundraising.


Let LOLA know if you’re planning an event and we would love to help get speakers, promote it, and encourage attendees! Contact lola@iamlola.org for more information about or to help us fulfill our mission.