The Future of Libertarianism

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By Angela Keaton, on Jun 16, 2011

I will be on 3 panels as a part of George Phillies' LPMass/LPNH "The Future of ___________."   Yes, we plan to tackle several areas including outreach to youth, LBGT and the antiwar movement.  Please call 323-512-7095 for more information.  The even will take place Highlander Inn at Manchester Airport  on Sunday June 19.  --AK

Schedule below:

Registration opens — 9 A.M. (Coffee, Pastry)

9:20 A.M. Welcoming Remarks (Rich Tomasso — LPNH; David Blau — LPMass)

9:30 Session A: Guest of Honor Mary Ruwart “Future of the Libertarian Political Movement”

10:30 Session A: Guest of Honor Ernie Hancock “Future of the Libertarian Political Movement”

Session B: Outreach to Young People (Alex Peterson, Loren Spivack, Nick Murray)

11:30 Lunch

(Buffet: Caesar salad, Chicken Piccata or Chicken Saltimbocca, pasta,

12:30 Keynote Speaker: Guest of Honor Judge John Buttrick “Future of the Libertarian Political Movement”

1:30 Invited Speaker Panel: “Future of the Libertarian Political Movement” (Ruwart, Hancock, Buttrick, Keaton)

2:15 Session A: Electronic Politics (Bonnie Scott, Mark Edge, Dan Reale, Ernie Hancock)

Session B: Libertarians and GLBT Outreach(Angela Keaton, Carol McMahon)

3:15 Session A: New Hampshire Politics (Don Gorman, Seth Cohn, Joel Winters, Rich Tomasso)

Session B: My First Run For Federal Office (Joe Kennedy, Bob Clark, Dan

4:15 Session A: Libertarians and the Antiwar Movement (Angela Keaton, Alex Peterson, John Walsh, Will Hopkins)

Session B: Candidate Recruitment (Alwin Hopfmann, Dave Blau, Rich Tomasso)

5:30 Dinner

(Buffet: clam chowder, salad, maple glazed pork tenderloin, London broil, rice, seasonal vegetable, dessert)

6:15 Presidential Candidate Debate: Roger V. Gary, R. Lee Wrights,
Moderator: George Phillies)

7:30 Straw Poll to Award Delegate Votes & LPNH Reception

9:00 Convention Ends