Mainstream Feminism to Bill O'Reilly................SAY WHAT?????

By Anonymous, on Dec 11, 2010

To the mainstream feminists that would deride me for CHOOSING to stay home with my young children,


I say this  you people are silly. and people that are silly and mainstream should just be ignored. a half-truth is a lie. you only think about what you fill yourself with. ignore the silly doubles speak, and stand for whats true.

Shame, Shame TSA

By Anonymous, on Nov 16, 2010


To properly write an op-ed regarding the never-spoken-of insensitivity, and depravity, of the TSA palm and finger fondle security grope. I must at least gloss over my story.


Grieving The Loss of Amerika pt.2

By Anonymous, on Sep 29, 2010

Awaken From The Illusion